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Jean B. Sabarots

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JEAN BAPTISTE SABAROTS was born in the French town of Osses surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains in the Basque country. Jean grew up with his sister, Marie, and parents: Bernard & Marguerite. While growing up, Jean saw people, including his father, who would come back from the States, prosperous. And at the age of 19, he fulfilled his dream of coming to America. Working initially as a sheepherder, Jean Baptiste moved on to working in the dairies around Chino & bartending at Covina's Can Can Club. He realized that the restaurant and lounge business was his future. He went back in 1964 to the Basque country and met Elisabeth Larralde, who was working for a reputable Hotel Arce in Baigorri. He came back to California and Elisabeth followed. They married in Chino, February 12, 1966. For over 22 years, they worked together at, managed and eventually owned The Little Inn Lounge and Smorgasbord. Their tireless work ethnic paid off when in 1985, after many years of saving, The Glendora Continental Restaurant & Lounge opened. It was here that they served many customers. Patrons would frequent, three course meals served, service clubs, banquets & caterings constant. Jean's hard work and patience paid off.
On the home front, Jean & Elisabeth raised three daughters all of whom worked many a shift in the restaurant. Jean enjoyed his home, staying in the same place since 1976. He enjoyed watching tv, relaxing, playing mus when the opportunity arose and listening to the accordion. There were also occasional trips to the Basque country and Vegas. In the late 1990's, Jean developed diabetes, but never let this disease hamper his life or ability to work. Religiously, he went to the restaurant. Sadly, Elisabeth passed away in 2005, leaving Jean by himself until Marguerite Jauregui came into his life to accompany him his last six years. She took great care of him. Last Tuesday, complications from a blood infection from his catheter led to his death.
He is survived by his sister, Marguerite Ansola, of Saint Martin d'Arossa, France; three daughters: Marguerite (Maggie) Jeanne Sabarots, Antoinette (Toni) Marie Sabarots-Etulain, Bernadette (Bernie) Sabarots; grandchildren: Joshua, Joel & Victoria Hopman, Samantha & Mason Guyovich, Alexandria Sabarots , Jean Mikel, Elisabeth Maitexa, Patxi Sabarots Etulain.
JB you will be sorely missed. We have learned so much from you. May you rest in peace.