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Our father was born 1930 in Beijing, the second son of my grandfather, Guo Cunliang. He had a elder brother and sister, and a younger sister and two younger brothers.
In March 1946, R.O.C. army was on it's way to retake control of northeastern China, and transported to Qinhuangdao, in northern China by the U.S. military, At that time, sixteen-year-old father was just finished Beijing No. 7 Middle School, he join the army under their recruit training course, promoted to Instructor Corps later that year in Changchun, then been selected for training in the fourth training class of the Army Officer School in Taiwan in 1948.
He married Ms Hsu, Shu-Mei in 1961, and retired from army in 1966 to took up employment while studying at Tamkang University Department of Public Administration, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1972.

In 1982, our father came to the United States, he learned that his mother, Ms. Pan Jingyan, passed away in 1947, after many contract effort. He worked in the restaurant industry, and in the wholesale and retail industry, while unite our family in the United States is his main objective.

In 2009 he married again with Miss Zhang Yizhen in Shanghai, then settled in Pasadena, Los Angeles, and made several trips to Beijing and Shanghai to visit relatives.

Our father like to made friends and play sports, plus he traveled extensively between his 40 to late 50, He keeps himself in shape and good health into his 80, but his physical strength wasn't what it used to be going into his 80.

There was no abnormality in the x-rays picture in his regular medical examination in February 2018, however, at the end of May, he was unable to lie flat and rested because of breathing difficulties. He had emergency treatment at Garfield hospitol, and diagnosed with fourth-stage lung cancer, then he insisted on returning home after two weeks of hospitalization. On the 10th of June, under the witness of "Church in Hacinda Hight", he was baptized into the name of the Lord and entered the kingdom of God as the people of God. However, he was unable to improve his foot edema, in the afternoon of June 12th, he was brought into Huntington Hospital, and he died at 11:21 on the morning of June 15.

我們的父親是主後一九三零年(民國十九年)出生於北京, 是我爺爺郭存亮的第二個兒子, 他上有一個哥哥和一個姊姊, 下有一個妹妹跟二個弟弟.
一九四六年三月, 新一軍由美軍運送至秦皇島登陸前往東北執行公務, 當時在北京市七中就讀十六歲的父親加入他們的新兵訓練班第九期, 同年底在長春進階轉幹部教導總隊, 四七年再被選入陸軍軍官學校第四訓練班赴台受訓. 一九六一年五月與徐秀梅共諧連理, 六六年榮退後就業, 半工半讀於淡江大學夜間部公共行政學系,

一九八二年我們的父親來美國, 幾經轉折連絡上北京的家人, 回鄉探親才得知他的母親潘靜言女士己於四七年過世, 這期間他從事餐飲業, 批發零售業並致力我們全家移民美國團聚.
二千零九年他與章宜嫻小姐於上海結婚宴請親朋好友, 定居洛杉磯帕薩迪納並數次往返北京上海旅遊探親.

我們父親個性好強, 但平易近人, 能言善道, 年輕時交遊廣擴, 喜好運動, 事事喜親力親為, 近五六年來雖然身體健康, 但體力大不如前, 今年二月身體檢查時肺X光照片並無異常, 但五月底因呼吸困難無法躺平休息而送醫急診, 發現肺腫瘤及積水, 經檢驗確定是四期肺線癌, 在住院二個禮拜後他堅持回家, 六月五號從嘉惠爾醫院回家, 並於六月十號在哈崗召會弟兄見證下受浸歸入主的名下, 進入神的國成為神的子民. 然而六月十二號下午因腳水腫的情況無法得到改善再次送入亨廷頓醫院, 至六月十五日早上病情加重十一點二十一分辭世.