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John Choma, Jr.

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“I was truly inspired by John. He was such a great instructor and had the ability to phrase, communicate and teach in a way that was exciting and...Read More »
1 of 50 | Posted by: James Wilson - Playa Del Rey, CA

“John choma, was my professor for analog courses in USC. He was the best, his teachings inspired me to take circuit design. ”
2 of 50 | Posted by: Arun pallerla - san diego, CA

“I am a litigation attorney who specializes in technical cases related to electrical engineering in trade secrets and patents. I was representing...Read More »
3 of 50 | Posted by: John S. Denko - Austin, TX

“He was a great teacher. My prayer with family. God bless. ”
4 of 50 | Posted by: peter jones - London

“I wanted to say a "thank you" to Dr. Choma for a kindness he paid me when I was in school. Dr. Choma taught my analog circuit design classes at USC...Read More »
5 of 50 | Posted by: Darcy Hart - Minneapolis, MN

“My condolences to the family. He was an EXCELLENT PROFESSOR. He was hard but he was fair. Only two people have ever impacted my tutoring style. ...Read More »
6 of 50 | Posted by: Raymond Hardy - Corona, CA

“I had one class with Professor Choma. He was an excellent teacher and made a great impact on me. After seven years, I still refer back to his class...Read More »
7 of 50 | Posted by: Jeffrey

“You will always be missed. RIP. ”
8 of 50 | Posted by: Manish Kankani - Kolkata, India

“Although I didn't take Prof. Choma's class, many friends of mine told me that he was an excellent Prof. May Prof. Choma rest in peace. ”
9 of 50 | Posted by: Chunyu Yang - No relationship

“I had only one class with Dr. Choma but he's the one I remember the most. RIP Dr. Choma, knowing that you have made a big impact on many students. ”
10 of 50 | Posted by: Chris Le - Los Altos, CA

“The death of Prof. Choma is a great lost of the engineering community! ”
11 of 50 | Posted by: Jeffrey Lin - Irvine, CA

“I had several undergraduate EE courses with Prof Choma. He was a great teacher. The subject of the courses wasn't easy and he made me look forward to...Read More »
12 of 50 | Posted by: Roupen Nahabedian - Redwood City, CA

“Dr. Choma was my instructor 30years ago , but he had an impact on me lasting a life time. He was an impressive figure, a fantastic instructor, a...Read More »
13 of 50 | Posted by: abbas rezvan - Malibu, CA

“I have taken Dr. Choma's couses in 2001 and I could still remember his voice. It is so sad to get the message only today. Goodbye Professor, long may...Read More »
14 of 50 | Posted by: Yuliang Du - Culver City, CA

“I am so sorry to hear that we lost our beloved Dr. Choma forever. He is a great teacher and mentor. He helped me out at my most difficult time in USC...Read More »
15 of 50 | Posted by: Yibing Wang - Former Student

“I am very sorry to hear about such a loss! Professor Choma distinguished himself both as a teacher / professional and a special person from the first...Read More »
16 of 50 | Posted by: Bogdan Tomescu - CA

“Who he taught me a word, surely he has made me his slave. It is so sad to light a candle for someone who has been enlightening us like a shining star...Read More »
17 of 50 | Posted by: Mojtaba Atarodi

“John was a second father to me; supreme mentor and inspiration. He represented what an engineer, a professor, a man and human being should always...Read More »
18 of 50 | Posted by: Jeff Gruszynski - Fremont, CA

“R.I.P., John. Thank you for your insight as a mentor, respect as a fellow engineer, and caring as a friend. Fight on forever. ”
19 of 50 | Posted by: Jeremy Yager - Pasadena, CA

20 of 50 | Posted by: SUNIL KUMAR SHARMA - AJMER

“Professor Choma was an absolutely outstanding professor, mentor and guide but most important of all he was a very good person. I still cant believe...Read More »
21 of 50 | Posted by: Rittik Shah - Norwalk, CA

“John - Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, a mentor, and a friend. I will always strive to be as patient and light hearted as you were....Read More »
22 of 50 | Posted by: Morelle Arian - Los Angeles, CA

“John Choma was a great friend and colleague who never failed to impress me. Most especially, he was a truly gifted teacher whose students didn't...Read More »
23 of 50 | Posted by: Ron Rohrer - Henderson, NV

“Honestly speaking, I am truly honored to be Professor John Choma's student. He is a great teacher and one of the wisest men I have ever seen. I know...Read More »
24 of 50 | Posted by: Fengtian Zhang - Los Angeles, CA

“To memory my respectable advisor. ”
25 of 50 | Posted by: Herming Chiueh - Taipei/Hsinchu

“Good man, Great teacher, Awesome human-being. I looked back at my EE-541 final sheets(I had them scanned and archived), hand-graded by Dr. Choma...Read More »
26 of 50 | Posted by: Karthik Reddy - Santa Clara, CA

“Dr. Choma was a huge inspiration for all of us and all the time I spent with him not only shaped my knowledge but made me a better person overall. He...Read More »
27 of 50 | Posted by: Maliha Nisar - Santa Clara, CA

“John Choma was the best teacher that I have had in my life. His abilities as a lecturer and at public speaking were impressive as he displayed...Read More »
28 of 50 | Posted by: Gerald Curry - Hermosa Beach, CA

“Dear Lord,Thank you for share John with us for so many years. Thank you for the spirit you gave him that inspired so many of us to dig deeper, to be...Read More »
29 of 50 | Posted by: Rudi Heald - Orange, CA

“I was very fortunated to have met John. He was always optimistic and positive and you always gained some wisdom after a conversation ended. He loved...Read More »
30 of 50 | Posted by: Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio - TX

“Prof. Choma was the best professor I have ever met in my life. He really cared about students and offered generous support which was beyond his...Read More »
31 of 50 | Posted by: Kevin Jiang - Los Angeles, CA

“Prof. Choma was a great mentor and it was pleasure to work with him. He was the reason for many of his former students to pursue a Ph.D. The...Read More »
32 of 50 | Posted by: Ahmet Erten - San Diego, CA

“I took Prof. Choma's EE536a class in Fall 2010, I was amazed by the amount of knowledge he had and the excitement with which Prof. was teaching every...Read More »
33 of 50 | Posted by: Viral Ranpara - San Diego, CA

“John is my professor at USC and is one the greatest teacher I have ever encountered. I admire him as a teacher, mentor and friend. In March, 2014...Read More »
34 of 50 | Posted by: Tuan A Duong - Glendora, CA

“It is terribly sad to hear of John's passing. My heart goes out to his family and many friends, student and colleagues who's lives he touched. He...Read More »
35 of 50 | Posted by: Chris Reynolds

“Dr. Choma was a model instructor in the classroom and a great mentor in life. His wisdom and generosity have shaped my life and many others. His...Read More »
36 of 50 | Posted by: Matt Clark - Portland, OR

“Dr. Choma was an amazing mentor and teacher. He will be missed. ”
37 of 50 | Posted by: Rachel Morford - Redondo Beach, CA

“I simply can not express enough how grateful I was/am to Dr. John Choma. He made me what I am today in the field of Analog/RF. He instilled the...Read More »
38 of 50 | Posted by: Onder Oz - Santa Clara, CA

“John, Thanks so much, you have made so many lives better You put up with a lot from us back in the 80s! ”
39 of 50 | Posted by: Martin Brooke - Durham, NC

“I just found out from Lorraine last night. Truly a great loss. John was like a second dad to me. He was a great friend, mentor, educator and engineer...Read More »
40 of 50 | Posted by: Scott Gibson - Lacey, WA

“John Choma was an incredible person, and one of the best teachers on the planet. His detailed explanation of electronics, his patience and his love...Read More »
41 of 50 | Posted by: Timothy Mercer - Santa Ana, CA

“John i will miss you so much..we have not been in touch for sometime but you have always been in my thoughts..i recall our time together in Finland...Read More »
42 of 50 | Posted by: mohammed ismail - dublin, OH

“What a precious gift from God to know John Choma, Jr. While a student at USC from 1992-1996, he began showing me who Jesus was - though neither of us...Read More »
43 of 50 | Posted by: Scott Kilpatrick Burgess

“It was a honor and pleasure to be one of your students! I wish you the best! ”
44 of 50 | Posted by: Richard - CA - Student

“Dr. Choma was first a great friend and second a great teacher. I was lucky enough to take all of the classes that he taught at USC, undergrad and...Read More »
45 of 50 | Posted by: Seth Everton - Colorado Springs, CO

“Being Taught by professor Choma is one of the things I am proud of in my life. His way of teaching and his transparency with the students are 2...Read More »
46 of 50 | Posted by: Moh Amer - Los Angeles, CA

“Please rest in peace my dear professor. ”
47 of 50 | Posted by: xin - pasadena, CA - student

“I will never forget our conversions on engineering perspective, and if one day I happen to be an instructor will definitely apply your great teaching...Read More »
48 of 50 | Posted by: Bugra Turan - Los Angeles, CA

“Sir you taught us analog thinking. you are the god of analog. RIP. ”
49 of 50 | Posted by: sarath chandra grandhi - CA

“A dear and cherished friend who made the world a better place. John would enjoy this quote from Cicero: The life of the dead is placed in the memory...Read More »
50 of 50 | Posted by: James Simmons - Portland, OR

John Choma, Jr., 72, born on November 6, 1941, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, passed away August 10, 2014. He resided in San Dimas, California at the time of his passing. Arrangements are under the direction of Forest Lawn, Covina, California.
We are greatly sadden to have lost one of our long time members and 1997 CAS president, Dr. John Choma. He passed away in the morning of August 10th, 2014 recovering from a short illness. Dr. Choma was a Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Southern California, where he also served as chair of the Electrophysics. Prior to joining the USC faculty in 1980, Prof. Choma was a senior staff design engineer in the TRW Microelectronics Center in Redondo Beach, California (now Northrop-Grumman). His earlier positions include technical staff at Hewlett-Packard Company in Santa Clara, California, Senior Lecturer in the Graduate Division of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the California Institute of Technology, electrical engineering lectureships at the University of Santa Clara and the University of California at Los Angeles, and a faculty appointment at the University of Pennsylvania.
He was an expert in the analysis, modeling, and design of high performance analog and mixed signal integrated circuits and an outstanding teacher.
Dr. Choma earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1963, 1965, and 1969 respectively. In his career, Professor Choma authored close to 200 publications and presented more than 65 invited short courses, seminars and tutorials. He is the author of a 1985 Wiley Interscience text on electrical network theory, the co-author of a 2007 World Scientific Press text on feedback networks, and the author of a forthcoming Cambridge University Press undergraduate level text on integrated circuit analysis and design. Prof. Choma has contributed several chapters to five edited electronic circuit texts, and he was an area editor of the IEEE/CRC Press Handbook of Circuits and Filters.
Professor Choma was widely recognized for his technical contributions. A Fellow of the IEEE, Prof. Choma has been awarded the IEEE Millennium medal and has received three awards from the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society; namely, the Golden Jubilee Award, the 1999 Education Award, and the 2000 Meritorious Service Award. He is also the recipient of several local and national teaching awards and has served as a "Distinguished Lecturer" in the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. In 2010, the Swanson School of Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh named Prof. Choma their "Distinguished Alumnus" for their Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Prof. Choma joined the USC faculty in 1980 and was promoted to Professor of Electrical Engineering in 1991. He was well known for his outstanding teaching. He won the school's teaching award in 1984. He was also recognized by other organizations on campus with the Tau Beta Pi teaching award in 1983, the Mortar Board teaching award in 1984, and the Etha Kappa Nu teaching award in 1987. Professor Choma was a teaching fellow at the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching in 1991 and was named Outstanding Professor in 1998 and 1999 by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Prof. Choma has supervised over 40 PhD students of which: two students are (or have been) corporate CEOs, three who are either CTOs or corporate VPs, three academic deans, and at least seven others who are at various tenure stream ranks in academe.
In addition to the Ph.D. students, whom Prof. Choma directly supervised, he has been without a doubt the most popular teacher among EE professors at USC. "He was a great person as colleague (plus he was nominator for my IEEE Fellow case, and for many others as well). He loved to help students, help sending out resumes of students for summer interns, for regular jobs, etc." a former colleague of him wrote.

Prof. Choma was a long time member of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society serving it as a member of IEEE CAS Board of Governors, Vice President for Administration 1995, and its President in 1997. He also served as the International Chair of the IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Awards Committee. He was an Associate Editor and Editor-In-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part II, Associate Editor of the Journal of Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing and a former Regional Editor of the Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers.
His latest service to IEEE CAS was the Education Award committee. I remember vividly my latest phone conversation with him, his energy and youthfulness that he projected. I asked him jokingly: "when are you going to retire?" and his answer was his father taught him that "if it works, do not try to fix it." Unfortunately all of it came to a sudden stop. We will all miss him enormously as his presence and the legacy he left will be felt for a long time.

Prof. Choma is survived by his wife of 38 years, Lorraine. Prof. Choma was the beloved stepgrandfather to Allyson, Nicholas, Taylor, Stephanie, Jonathan and Shelby.

The funeral services will be held on:

Friday, August 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM
St. Louise de Marillac Catholic Church
1700 E. Covina Blvd.
Covina, CA 91724

The family would like to request that in lieu of flowers a contribution be made to the school in his name. The school will add the contribution to a scholarship fund to be set up in Prof. Choma's name.